Sunday morning: 21st February 2016

Lawrence Mitchell Feb16Morning worship was led by Lawrence Mitchell who preached on the temptations of Jesus, Matthew chapter 4. He began by reminding us that when we do God’s work there will be difficulties and opposition. When we go through times of temptation, remember Emmanuel, God is with us.

In the first temptation we see the humanity of Jesus. Here is was hungry and the devil tempted Him on the material side of His life. The devil is the enemy of the church, the enemy of the gospel. Jesus Himself said the devil has power, has knowledge. He believed in Jesus otherwise he would not have tempted Him. Thank God we have a Holy Father we can turn to. The Lord Jesus Christ did not argue with the devil, He defeated him with the Word of God, “Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” The answer is the Bible.

The second temptation shows us that the devil knows the Scripture and he knows how to pervert the Bible, to leave things out. He quotes from Psalm 91, verses 11-12, but leaves out the best part, we have a God who keeps us every day –He is with us every day. Again Jesus defeats the devil with the Scripture. John warns us in Revelation not to add to the word of God or take away from it. This great book lets us know that Christ is coming again.

The third temptation shows us that the devil has power in this world. We see this today in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Israel itself, but God is with the people. We worship Him, we serve Him. The Lord who was victorious in these temptations is coming again. Amen!

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