Sunday 14th February 2016

Gerald Tait Feb16Yesterday’s morning worship was led by Gerald Tait who gave a Valentine’s message from Song of Songs. He told us how Solomon had wanted the Shumannite woman to love him for who he was and so he came to her in disguise as a shepherd, in the same way as Jesus came in disguise wanting us to love him for who He is.

In chapter 2 verse 1 she describes herself as “the rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.” The rose of Sharon was a wild daffodil that grew in the spring, six pure white petals with a golden trumpet in the middle. It is a very ordinary plant in the desert. The only thing that would catch your eye would be the golden trumpet. This was an ordinary woman who became something because of the royal trumpet. God’s love is for ordinary people. The King of Kings loves us in spite of the fact we are ordinary people.

Solomon describes his love in chapter 4 verses 12-15. Solomon knew his plants and chose this description very carefully. It is a picture looking down from a barren mountain and imagining a garden and a well of living water. It is beautiful amongst all the barrenness that surrounds it. In verse 16 we read how the wind blows hot from the south by day but at night cold air blows from the from the snow-capped mountains in the north, bruising the plant so the fragrance comes out. Her life is fragrant.  John chapter 7 verse 37 speaks of flowing rivers of living water, the Holy Spirit. We have a fragrance of the Lord Jesus.

The woman gives us a ‘selfie’ of herself with Jesus. She is out, she can’t find him so she gives a wonderful description of Him. He is outstanding among 10,000 and describes Him as ‘altogether lovely.’ The woman tells everyone about Him and they are eager to meet Him. We need to share our love for Jesus with other people.

We need to keep in touch. God wants to hear our voice and see us. A face to face meeting is more than a letter or a dozen red roses. A personal meeting is more important. The Lord wants to hear our voice in prayer. We need to meet with the Lord every day.

The Bible is the best Valentine’s letter, Jesus has the deepest love for us – agape.

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