Sunday Morning: 30th April 2016

Gaius- April 2016.jpg

Our worship was led by Gaius Douglas who preached from Isaiah chapter 6 verses 1-8. He began by telling us that it is hard to tell others about Christ. Without the Spirit of God there is no power, no effect. Gaius’ prayer for us is that the Lord will open our eyes, ears and hearts so that when we receive we will do something about it.

Isaiah was a young man and the Holy Spirit gave Him a wonderful vision. The Lord wants us to see Him, to behold His Glory, His magnificence. Isaiah heard the words of the Lord. He hear the prophecy. The Lord revealed to Isaiah something that was done in eternities past. God looked down and saw us.

‘Behold I.’ Will you go? Are you ready to go? Or do you make excuses, being only ready to serve when it suits you? When the Lord calls He expects you to go. The Lady at the well heard and received, then went and told. Isaiah heard and was ready to go. Samuel, a young boy serving in the temple as a result of his mother’s promise to God, heard a voice and was ready to serve. God gave Samuel a message that would cause the people to be shaken to the core, to shake their history. God’s Word is like that. It will unravel us, shake us up.

What is your desire? The Lord is calling you. You can testify at work, wherever you are. Always be a testimony. Be ready to stand up for the Lord. He may not use you straight away. Jonah was only used once. Jesus came from the glory of heaven. He willingly came knowing what He was going to do – that He was going to die the death that no man had ever died, knowing His God would forsake Him. He even subjected Himself to the people He created. Will you go for Him? That’s the challenge today. All Christ wants to hear is ‘Yes!’                   

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