Painting at Penuel


This Club is not running at the moment. Here is a snapshot of how we were blessed:

Painting at Penuel took place every Wednesday afternoon. 🎨 It was a great opportunity to socialise over a cuppa in an informal atmosphere , meet new people, and get creative! Beginners were welcome as well as those who already had a love of painting.✍️

Sessions were led by Graham, who was always on hand to teach us new skills and give encouragement. It was suitable for all ages!🎨🎉😊 

Graham says, ” If you have a love of the countryside and the sea, then you have the right feelings to express yourself in painting. Come and try – you will be surprised how easy it is to start.”

It ran every Wednesday in the Chapel Vestry (side room adjoining chapel),
2:00– 5:00 p.m.  Drop in or come for the whole session. It was always a joy to have fellowship with visitors during the holiday season.
All materials and refreshments were provided for FREE.  🌟🎉


Children’s Club – 13th October 2017


Tonight at our Children’s Club we watched an animation of Samuel anointing King David 👑 God didn’t choose one of his older, stronger brothers but the younger son. We learnt that God looks at people’s hearts not their outward appearance 

We look forward to next Friday when we will be baking cupcakes for our Family Fun Afternoon at Victoria Hall on Saturday 21st October, when the children and their friends will be able to decorate the cakes they made the night before🍦🎉🎈