Sunday 26th July – 10:30 a.m & 4:00p.m


This afternoon we said goodbye for another year to the mission team from French Camp, Mississippi. Ian began the meeting with prayer, followed by Jessica leading the worship, including ‘Cornerstone’, ‘Jesus Paid It All’ and ‘Lord I need You’.

Once again Mr Cox spoke on the subject of suffering.We were reminded of Christ’s suffering for us and the lengths God went to in order to have a relationship with us despite our sins. We read Revelations and thought upon the glorious truth of eternity, where we will be face to face with Jesus.

We are so grateful for the friendships we have with French Camp Academy, Mississippi and look forward to their return next year!

Thursday 23rd July – Summer BBQ


This evening we had a Summer BBQ with the French Camp, Mission team.We had a number of visiting friends join us for food and fellowship. The weather was dry so we were all outside for the entire evening, in the field with plenty of room to play and socialise.

It was a great opportunity to hear about the work of the mission team who have been out evangelising in Haverfordwest, going on a day trip with senior citizens and flyering the village of Roch with information about our BBQ. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any villagers join us but we hope the flyers have raised awareness of our small chapel.

After having scrummy burgers, sausages and desserts, we joined together in worship singing: ‘Cornerstone’, ‘Set a fire’, ‘You never let go’ and ‘The Splendor of the King’. Accompanied by Nathan and Jessica May from the Mission Team.

Dennis Cox, teacher at French Camp Academy, spoke on the purpose of suffering in our lives. It was an awesome message reminding us that no matter what struggles we go through in life, there is always a purpose. God is in control of all situations and is using them to honour and glorify Him.