September 16th 2018: Mike Viccary

Mike Viccary - Sept 16th 2018Revelation 1:9-20

Who is this Jesus, part 2.

Following on from last week’s sermon on the opening verses of Revelation 1, this message focuses on the voice of the Lord (verses 9-10) and the vision of the Son of Man (verses 10-16). John is on the island of Patmos because he loves Christ and has confessed Christ. He is in exile, in prison. One Sunday he was in the Spirit, putting aside the things of this world, to worship Jesus. He has focused his heart and mind. All of a sudden he heard a loud voice, like a megaphone. This is not the first time in Scripture we have the Lord speaking behind someone (Isaiah 30:19-22 – a very pregnant prophecy, Ezekiel 3:12). People are learning from teachers. As we share one another’s lives and share the scripture, we are teaching one another. One who witnesses or testifies to Christ is a martyr. Their testimony of Jesus Christ is the word of God in person. Talk to one another about it, it becomes part of who you are. John heard the loud voice of the Lord Jesus, a megaphone. Sometimes we need a megaphone because we’ve become lethargic. Hebrews 2:1. We have to find time to eat the word of God.

The loud voice here is a declaration stating truth. It is also instructive. The Bible is full of calls to wake, to stand up for your faith. The revelation came to John and then he is told to write it down for you and I, the entire church. This is God’s love letter to you. It alone is the objective truth (Revelation 1:5, Hebrews 1). Each and every one of you ought to have a personal revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s very easy to come to Bible study and say, ‘That was good.’ But we need to know Him. You may not hear a voice but have a deep conviction. John could only pass on what he received because he witnessed it (Revelation 1:2). You and I must be concerned to witness what you and I have witnessed.

2 Peter 1. God is so powerful. He gives us everything we need to live a godly life through the knowledge of His Son. When you want to seek God, get into scripture and each other. 1 Timothy 1:5. What do I need to change about the way I am living? Be ready to witness for Christ.

The vision of the Son of Man. This is Christ, the risen, conquering King. This is holiness – the whole of Him is holy. We are called to holiness. His eyes see right into our hearts. His feet are on fire, white and hot. The brass symbolises stability. It is an awesome picture of the Lord. The voice is like a trumpet, but also the sound of many waters. God’s Word may be disobeyed now but when the Lord comes we will be speechless. The seven stars are the pastors, leaders of the church. The two edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) cuts right to the chase. It goes forth. Christ’s countenance, His whole being, was radiant in glorious beautiful array.

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