July 22nd 2018: Ian Middlemist

Ian Middlemist-June18Hebrews 3: 1-6

Moses was great, a significant man. But when the author of Hebrews compares Moses with Jesus, Jesus is infinitely greater. There is a vast difference between Moses and Jesus. Moses is merely the ‘tribute act.’

From the first part of this chapter we can draw three things to consider:

  • Remember who we are;
  • Focus on who He is;
  • Give praise for what we’ve got.

Remember who we are:
In Hebrews 3:1 the author compares Moses and Jesus for our benefit. If you are a Christian – not all who turn up in church are – here we have warnings of the reality that some may have fallen away and be far from Jesus. If you are a believer these verse are to remind us of who we are in Jesus Christ. We are a new creation, joined to Him. This is our identity.

We are holy, ‘holy brothers.’ When was the last time someone addressed you as being holy? It’s for all of the saints, all those who trust in Christ have been clothed in righteous robes.

We are brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. Jesus is our elder brother. We have a new family. The Father in heaven looks upon you and me as a son.

You are a partaker in the heavenly calling. You are going to glory! There is a place that is fixed for you in heaven that will never be taken away. Doesn’t that put everything into perspective? Our vocation is a heavenly one. These three things cannot define you if you are not a Christian. They are only true for those who are truly in Christ.

Focus on Jesus Christ:

We are commanded to do this. Fix your thoughts on Him. Dwell on Him. That’s the Christian life. It’s not read more books, listen to more sermons, it’s to look to Jesus. The message of the Bible is believe in Him, look to Jesus (Acts 16:31, Romans 4:24). Look to Him. The Father sent His Son Jesus into the world to die on the cross so we could have our sins laid upon Him, forgiven so we can be righteous and welcomed into His presence. The Holy Spirit’s ministry to us today is one of drawing us to Jesus.

Two things help us to look to Jesus. He is our ‘apostle and high priest.’ An apostle is sent to someone else in order to be their representative (John 17). Jesus is God’s apostle to us. Jesus is also our high priest, He is our mediator. We need Him to be our High Priest. In that one person He’s our apostle and High Priest. Think upon Him, turn to Him. Read of Him. Look to Him by faith.

Give praise for what He has done:

Worship Him. He is the builder of the household of God. He builds the people of God. Moses was good (Numbers 12). Moses was ‘faithful in all God’s house as a servant’ (Hebrews 3:5). Don’t focus attention on Moses; he is associated with the tabernacle in the Old Testament. Instead, focus on the builder of the house. The builder is more worthy of the house he builds. The concept of the design originates with the architect. Look at creation. See the wonder of it. As believers look at creation and glory in a great creator. He is the one who is worthy of all the glory and honour – the creator. These verses point us in the direction of the church. It’s Jesus we honour.

Moses is a servant, Jesus is the Son, the builder of the house. Moses was good, he served well, but Jesus is better. He has created people for Himself (John 14;2). Jesus is building a people for Himself. Everything is in place. Jesus is making a home. The call of the gospel is to say, “Come, be a part of this home that Jesus is making.” Jesus calls you to Himself.

The house is a metaphor for God’s people, God’s church. As mediator for the Old Testament, Moses represented the church. He is only a servant, as any of us are. Look to Jesus, the builder of the house.

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