Joel Beeke – Sermon video links

Below we have collected the links so you can view the morning sermons preached by Dr. Joel Beeke.

We had a  glorious morning at the EMW Aber Conference on Tuesday 9th August. What better way to spend a morning than listening to Joel Beeke speak on Revelation 19, ‘The Great Marriage and the Great King’d Return. Click here to watch the service:

Revelation 20! Such an awesome chapter. Joel Beeke packed so much in, this just has to be listened to again! You can also read notes of this sermon on our website, click the link for further reading:

Revelation 21! What a glorious chapter! Watch Joel Beeke preach on the live stream in an hour if you cannot be here in person.

Preaching from Revelation 22, Dr. Joel Beeke showed us how John takes us by the hand to the centre of the new Jerusalem, where God’s throne is at the heart of the city. We heard of the urgency to come to the Saviour. There’s an invitation for everyone. Come just as you are.


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