‘A friend who sticks closer than a brother’


The Bible states that there is ‘a friend who sticks closer than a brother’, the infinite, all-powerful God of the universe wants to be your friend. Wow! He wants to have a personal relationship with us and for us discover what it means to walk with Him every day. He wants us to know He is always with us and He desires to have communication with you through His Word and through prayer.

God is there to comfort us when we are upset or anxious and to encourage us when we are dejected or depressed, we only have to ask. He wants to guide us when facing difficult decisions, and He even wants to correct us when we are about to do something foolish or wrong. Jesus wants to be our friend and for us to be His friends as well. Once we understand this, our lives will never be the same.

God created us to be His friends. This was His divine plan, right from the beginning, was to have a relationship with us. When Adam and Eve were created, this was His plan, and it was in foundation of the love of God.

It was, however, a friendship with a difference. On a human level we usually choose friends who are similar to us. However, God and Adam were not equals. God was the Creator; Adam was His creation. God is limitless; Adam was limited. God was independent; Adam was dependent. But in spite of the vast difference between them, God still wanted Adam and Eve to be His friends.

God’s plan for Adam and Eve is also true for us. God has not changed — and neither has His purpose. We are not here by accident; we are here because God put us here — and He put us here so we could be His friends forever.

Think of it: God wants you to be His friend!

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