Sunday Morning: 17th April 2016

Aaron April2016Sunday morning’s worship was led by Aaron Davies-Whitfield who preached from Philippians chapter 2 verses 12-13, which he titled “Work out what God works in.”  Aaron preached on two points:
Our Work
God’s Work

Our Work:
‘My Beloved’ shows us that Paul was preaching to people He loved. We need to be obedient to those who preach the Living Word of God. Paul knew the Philippians had obeyed. His heart goes out in this letter as he writes from prison. He says that as he was obeyed when he was with the people, it is even more important now that he is not with them, that they must obey. Acts 26: ravenous wolves will seek to destroy the work of the church.

If you want to see what someone is truly like in their work with the Lord, see what they are like on their own. As Christians we can play games with God; we see Salvation as our eternal future, future only. We forget that it is for now and we treat God and His Salvation like it’s a Sunday thing and the rest of the week it’s all about the pleasures of life. We wear Sunday Christian clothes on Sunday but worldly clothes for the rest of the week. We see church as a place where worship God and rest. We need to see Monday to Saturday as a time to work for God and see His Blessings. There is never a day when you should not be living for God.

The Philippians would have been anxious; Paul was not in their midst, they were living in a time of persecution, living in fear. But Paul has already said in chapter 1 that God will perfect His work in us. There is something we have to do – but we are not on our own. We need to act on God’s Word. We get out of this Christian walk what we put in. When God created Adam and Eve He created them to work. We need to work. The joy of our Salvation will be based on our work for the Lord, following the steps of Jesus, the Light and witness of our life. Work out your own Salvation. Paul is saying we are already possessors of this glorious Salvation, now we must work it out. We fear and tremble from a sense of awe, a sense of being moved by the fact that God wants us to work for Him. It is important we realise God has given us something to do.

God’s Work:
We can only work out what God has worked in. It is God which works in you. The Creator is at work in our life. We are on the potter’s wheel. God’s greatest work is taking place now, conforming you and me to the image of His own Son. His hands continue to work in you and me. He is moulding and shaping us to be what He has always wanted us to be, to display His Glory for all eternity. Our trials and difficulties is God at work, refining us. Our shortcomings mould us and shape us to be more like Him. His hands are upon us in love and grace. God is never going to give up on you. When God is at work, you can be sure it will be glorious. He gives us the ability, the will, to live more like Him, to live a life serving, honouring and worshipping Him. God takes pleasure in changing you and me to be a people that He wants us to be. God finds delight in your life. When all you see is failure and shortcomings God is like a potter at the wheel and knows what the finished article will be. He knew before the foundations of the world what you would be. It is awesome!

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