Sunday Morning: 6th March 2016

Paul Daniel March 16This morning’s worship was led by Paul Daniel of Swansea who preached from 2 Peter chapter 3. He began be telling us that God’s Word should invoke a response in us. In this chapter Peter was preaching to scattered Christians throughout Asia to remind them of what is good. Why is it that people don’t want to believe in God? They don’t believe in His existence, in His promises. They think God’s Word is irrelevant to their lives. We live in a world of scoffers. They scoff at the Christian God yet they don’t scoff at other ‘gods.’
Three points were raised:

• The promises of God
• The patience of God
• The purity of God.
The Promises of God

The Promises of God
God is a God of promises. It is really difficult for use to keep our promises. Sometimes it can really hurt us when we hurt others. In verse the scoffers question Jesus’ return. They think the world will carry on as it is. But Peter reminds them God created the world when He spoke (v5). In verse 6 we see God regrets the evil and destroyed those who had turned their backs on Him. When God says something it happens.

We come to a God who promises that one day He will put an end to all suffering, evil and injustices in this world. This should be a real encouragement to us to look at the promises in the Bible. He will never leave or forsake us. If we become a Christian God justifies us, we are given His Spirit, guaranteeing our entry to heaven. The promises are for you and me.
We come to a God we can trust. How much of our Christian lives do we spend worrying because we do not take everything to God in prayer? We come to a God who can do immeasurably more than we ask for. What promise do we need to claim on today? What promise do our churches need to claim on today? Jesus began His ministry by going to the fishermen – not to the educated. He promised to make them fishers of men. Trust God. When we want what God wants He will bless us.

The Patience of God
In verses 8 and 9 we see God has set a time and a day when He will judge the world, but until that day He will be patient. During this time God wants people to know His Son and come to repentance. Each day is an opportunity for God’s Grace, for people to know about Him. What are we doing here? What is our church doing here? God has set the times and places. He has placed us where we need to be. He has determined exact times and places. He is a God of patience.

The Purity of God
From verse 10 onwards we see God’s purity. We ought to live holy lives, looking forward to new heavens and a new earth, the home of righteousness, the home of purity. We get frustrated with this world, with the disappointments of this world. But it is wonderful knowing the promises and patience of God, leading to a day when everything will be made pure. Ungodliness will be dealt with. We will have new resurrected bodies. That day is coming soon! We need to look forward to the place we’re going to live, to the home of purity, where righteousness dwells. Our aim is to be with Jesus, where we love one another in a perfect way. This should excite us! As we look forward to that day, hold on to the promises of God. Make every effort to be sure we are right with Jesus. Tell people about Jesus. Be encouraged. One day our struggles will be over. We will be in the home of righteousness.

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