January 31st 2016- Morning Service

Our guest speaker on Sunday was Gaius Douglas of Calvary Church, Haverfordwest, who read 2 Peter chapter 3, preaching on the final verse.

He told us to study and the Word of God and never be ashamed of it. We need to share the Word of God, share what God has done in our lives, how He has transformed our life. Rejoice in the things of Christ, live for Him and glorify His name. Spread the excitement, the thrill of Christ (Song of Solomon, chapter 5).

Peter wants us to grow in Christ. In his writing he often uses the word ‘precious.’ Is Jesus precious to you? We are precious in His sight. God looked upon us in Grace, He reached out to us and sent His Son so we could share everything that is precious to Him. Peter was writing to believers in Babylon. He wanted them to stir up in remembrance of the things that God had done. Peter always had something to say, he was the mouthpiece of the disciples.

Peter encourages us to grow in Grace, Ephesians 2: ‘By Grace ye are saved, not of works, lest any man should boast.’ Christ made it possible for us to be saved and forgiven. We deserved death but we have had the gift of Grace. He has clothed us in garments of Salvation, in His righteousness. We can now go right into the throne room. We belong to Christ. John 1:11-12. We are ‘the sons of God.’ We have been brought in by Grace, now we need to grow in Grace.

When we know the Lord Jesus Christ and allow the Spirit to appropriate His Grace in us, we will grow not only in God but also with man.

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