Sunday 27th September – Morning Service


This morning’s worship was led by Reverend Doctor Gareth Edwards from Hill Park, Haverfordwest, who preached from Exodus chapter 25, verses 1-22. He painted a vivid picture of the Ark of the Covenant depicting the reality of Calvary. The Ark is the place of God’s Law, the righteous requirements of a pure, holy God. Judgement of sinners is a necessary outcome. Because of the suffering of our Lord on the Cross we have been forgiven, our sins have been punished. The Ark is also the place of Mercy. The sacrifice made at Calvary satisfied the demands of the law. Christ’s blood was shed so we know mercy and the blessing of eternal fellowship with God.

Harvest Thanksgiving- Thursday 24th September 2015

HarvestThanksgivingVere HarvestThanksgiving

Our guest preacher for this year’s Harvest Service was Reverend Dafydd Taylor of Zion Free Church, Pembroke Dock. He preached on Psalm 67, speaking of our Gracious, Great and Giving God. We were reminded that we are blessed abundantly, we should count our blessings and also be a blessing to others. It was lovely to have fellowship with members from local churches and churches from further afield, including Cosheston, Bethesda Tenby Road, Clarbeston Road, Hill Park, Calvary Haverfordwest and Emmanuel Newport.

DafyddTaylor  HarvestThanksgiving2 HarvestSunflower

Sunday 20th September – Morning Service


Today’s services were taken by Gareth Evans from Port Talbot. This morning he preached from 1 Peter chapter 1, a letter of encouragement to early Christians as well as Christians of today. When we go through trials we are reminded to put on God’s armour, to be clearly identifiable as Christians, living a life of faith and trust. A Christian is one who has been changed from within by Christ. We need to prepare our minds for action, be alert, for the time when Jesus returns. Our Salvation is kept for us in heaven until Jesus returns. We must set our hope fully on Jesus.

1 Peter 1-6-7

Sunday 13th September- Morning Service

AaronThis morning we welcomed back Aaron Davies-Whitfield who continued his study of Philippians, preaching from chapter 1 verses 20-21. Aaron’s prayer for us is to change and grow in Christ. He challenged us to move from living a comfortable Christian life of just going to church, reading our Bibles and praying. We are encouraged to put Christ at the centre of us lives so that we can draw closer to Him and know more of His presence in our lives.

Philippians 1-21

Sunday 6th September – Morning Service


Today’s worship was led by Gwydion Emlyn, who is the assistant pastor at St Mellons Baptist Church, Cardiff. This morning he preached from Mark 1:40-45, Jesus heals a man from leprosy. The two main points were: ‘Jesus has heavenly authority’ and ‘Jesus is a heavenly priest’, also referring to the prayer in Hebrews 10:22. This afternoon’s worship and discussion focused on Psalm 142. Once again we were blessed with the fellowship of visiting families as well as Gwydion’s wife, Libby.